Another thing i noticed is, that in almost all mirrored pictures you can find animals (like rabbits, dogs, cats, birds, deer, exotic animals; human faces....creatures of our planet are coming out of the mirrored pictures again and again...but also dragons and other fantasy beings. The pictures i took in warmer regions (Gallery) usually have bigger looking creatures...some of them resemble a chubby buddha figure or some sort of other gentle giants. The pictures i took in more northern regions (where most pictures were taken, for example in Germany) seem to contain a lot more scary devilish looking creatures. Many with horns and goatee beards, etc., which i find amusing but also quite interesting. Still here and there you'll find a friendly face even in a cold forest. ;) much as i like spring, flowers and the fresh green---my favorite pictures of all are the ones from the fall and the winter...then the leafless trees make the most beautiful eerie patterns.  The more tired you are, the better you can see them it seems. You will find that your eyes just won't stop searching anymore and it all becomes even more automated. Also the ones you can see in the thumbnail versions of a picture are often completely different ones again. After doing this for a while, i never looked at a tree or anything organic the same way again. Nature became even more alive to my eyes.                  

 Have fun and enjoy my "Nature Editing".    :)    

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